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Rental Opportunities

Rent Shared Space

For $110/month, you can rent common space in the studio. We have shared wheels and all the equipment to go along with doing your own work. You'll have private shelving to keep your work in progress and your personal tools. This is the perfect option if you enjoy community and only plan to be in the studio a few times per week.

For $65/month, you can create your work offsite and bring in your work to glaze and fire, as a "satellite" renter. While you get no private shelves, you bring your pots directly to the kiln-ready shelving and have access to all studio clay and glazes.

For $20/day, experienced potters can become daily renters with full use of the studio.  Leave your work behind and come back to find your pieces bisque-fired.  Rent another day to glaze or consider purchasing a package:  3 days for $54, 10 days for $150.  Cost of clay is $40/25 lb. bag and all glazes and firing are included.    Renting by the day is a great option for vacationing potters from out of town, students in between sessions and potters who are on the waiting list for a rental space.

Rent Private Space

For $220/month, you can rent 8x12 space that is all yours. It's sectioned by shelving so that it is private but not secluded. Bring in your own wheel or table to fill out the space as your like. (Currently wait list only.)

​There is a limit to the number of renters we can accommodate at the studio. We prefer long-term renters but welcome short-term renters as space allows.

We have 4 private spaces, 14 common spaces, 1 short-term common space (3 month limit), and 6 satellite rentals available. 

For more information or to apply for rental, please email

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