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Who we are...

Co-owners Shari Zabriskie and Teta Hilsdon have decades of experience between them working in clay, teaching, and managing a studio.   Wheelhouse Clay Center offers a variety of engagement for adults and teens in clay arts!


Studio Space Rentals for Production and Hobby Potters

Let's say you're a hobby potter, you've even begun selling what you make, or you're already a full-on professional. But you aren't about to invest in setting up your own studio. Pottery is an equipment-intensive art, and you just don't want to deal with kilns, ventilation, wheels, slab rollers, extruders, glaze mixing, shelving, and waterproof floors. Perfect!... we've done all that so you can come rent from us in a community of other potters. Rent common space for $110/month, or rent your own private 8x12 workspace for $220/month.  Satellite Renters pay $65/month, buy clay from us, make their work at home and use our studio for glazing and firing.    

We fire only electric kilns, usually to cone 6, and we have a full array of glazes for you to play with. Electric firing is reliable and relatively economical so we can keep our prices affordable without any sacrifice to beautiful, durable results.

Classroom Rentals for Professional Potters

You're a professional potter from nearby or afar. You've got something to teach and you want to offer a workshop or a short class but you don't have space to invite 6-10 people into your studio.*  Not a problem! Contract with Wheelhouse and pay 35% of your earnings to us. We'll co-market your classes, give you access to all our clay and equipment, run the kilns for you, and reclaim all the clay if you choose.   *Due to COVID-19 protocol, we now limit all classes to eight students.

Classes Taught by Experienced Potters

We offer a full spectrum of classes! Not too sure about clay? Start with a weekend workshop, schedule a private lesson or attend a Sip 'n Spin or Clay Play event.   Eager to get your hands into clay? Sign up for our Introduction to Wheel Throwing or Hand Building classes.   Already have some skill and want to get deeper in? Our next step classes are for you. Pro Workshops are specialized short classes with visiting artists, for professionals clay workers.

  The Shop at Wheelhouse

We sell select work from some of our members in our gallery, open seven days a week from 12-6pm.

We also host the work of guest artists.

Special Events

(suspended due to the coronavirus)

We're open until 8:30pm on Friday evenings as we often host Clay Play Events and Sip 'n Spin parties.   Visit the Gallery, get a tour, or enjoy one of our Clay Play activities! We also have special sales, open houses, and visiting artist lectures as scheduled.

What we do...

Our Partnership...


Shari Zabriskie

Co-Owner and Classroom Manager

Shari  started working with clay at Brattleboro Clayworks around 1997 as a curious potter and went on to become a member of the collective in 2007.  Since then she has taken on roles of rental coordinator, officer, teacher and production potter.  Within the walls of BCI Shari was given the freedom to explore her own voice in clay while sharing tips and tools of the trade with the creative community of clay artists around her.


For the past 14 years, Shari has  found her calling working as a full-time potter.  Inspired by serene woodland settings, bizarre sea-creatures and  intriguing textures found out and about, she strives to take some of that interest and funnel it into her work.   With a focus on form, function, balance and unique design, her hope is that her finished pots  resonate with a distinctive sense of spirit.


Now, committed to  creating a vibrant, welcoming and inspired studio, you will find Shari most  days at Wheelhouse.

Shari's work can be viewed on her website:

Shari's on-line shop:

Also visit her on  Facebook

and Instagram

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Teta Hilsdon

Co-Owner and Rental Manager

Teta Hilsdon started pottery in 1977 and has kept her hands in clay ever since. She was one of eight co-founders of Brattleboro Clayworks Inc. in 1983 and remained there as a member until 2002. In 2008 she co-founded Cherry Street Artisans, a collective holiday event where she sold her wares through 2014.


In 2018, Teta and Shari partnered to create Wheelhouse Clay Center.

Teta makes graceful, functional pottery for the table and kitchen. She specializes in custom dinnerware sets.

Teta splits her time between making and teaching pottery, co-managing Wheelhouse, teaching yoga, property managing, and playing with her toddler grandson Kestrel.


Teta's husband, Stephen Procter, is also a potter, with a studio across town.

Find out more about Teta at:

Pottery Workshop
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