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Workshops and Classes, summer camp, too!

Rise and Shine Wheel Throwing For Beginners +

Beginner+ Wheel Throwing

with Shari Zabriskie

This fun morning class will introduce you to the fundamentals of throwing pots on the wheel.  Over the course of eight weeks, learn and practice the techniques of clay preparation, centering, throwing,  trimming, glazing, and more!   This class is geared towards beginners, those continuing to work on their basic skills and those who are coming back to pottery after many years.  .  Demonstrations, discussions, coaching, and abundant practice time.  Ages 16 and up. 


Upcoming Sessions:

May 14-July 2, Tuesdays 9am-Noon (class is full)

June 20-August 8, Thursdays 9am-Noon (class is full)

September 12-October 31, Thursdays 9am-Noon

October 1-November 19, Tuesdays 9am-Noon

$320 fee + $42 for each bag of clay used.

Daily practice time included.

email  to register!

with Teta Hilsdon

Throughout eight weeks, practice the basics of making pots on the wheel: centering, throwing different forms, trimming, glazing, recycling clay and a few decorative techniques. 

For beginners, those continuing work on their basic skills, or those coming back to pottery after many years. 

Demonstrations, discussions, coaching, and abundant practice time.  Ages 16 and up. 


Upcoming Sessions:

May 7 through Jul 2, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Jun 17 through Aug 5, Mondays 6–9pm

Jul 9 through Aug 27, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Sep 9 through Oct 28, Mondays 6–9pm

Oct 1 through Nov 19, Tuesdays 6–9pm

Nov 11 through Dec 30, Mondays 6–9pm

$320 fee + $42 for each bag of clay used.

Daily practice time included.

Email  to register!


Throwing BIGGER Pots!

with Teta Hilsdon

In this four part workshop, we'll work with clay, glaze, tools and techniques for making bigger pots, no matter what scale you're currently working at.  Class 1 involves wheel throwing double the amount of clay you're used to.  Class 2 covers trimming of large, thrown forms.  Class 3 presents sectional throwing and joining.  Class 4  covers techniques for glazing large pots.  Workshop includes demonstrations, discussions, access to new tools and coaching.  This workshop is not for beginners and requires competence with throwing 5# of clay.  Class fee includes free practice time during open studio hours, daily 12 to 6pm.  

Saturdays, June 1, 8, 15, 29

9 AM-Noon

For intermediate potters, no beginners.  

Class limit : 4 students  (CLASS IS AT CAPACITY, WAIT LIST ONLY)

$280 plus clay.  Plan to use at least 2 bags of clay at $42/ bag.

To register email:


Exploring Glaze!

with Meg Dougherty

What is glaze? What makes a glaze durable?  Is this food safe?  What are the best ways to apply glaze?  In this workshop you will learn the basics of what glaze is, how it works, how to apply it and how to start making adjustments to ready mixed glazes.  We will run three glaze experiments: layering glaze, combining ready mixed glazes and adjusting color.  This class will offer you a few ways to play with your studio's glazes even if you don't have access to a glaze mixing lab.

Three Saturdays:

August 17, 24 and 31

9 AM-Noon

For ages 16 and up.  Experience is necessary.

$235  plus materials

For more information on what to prepare for class visit:

To register email:


Building with Slabs!

with Teta Hilsdon

Building with slabs is a fun and relatively easy way to make plates, trays, platters, and vases with beautiful textured patterns.  Learn to roll clay into a slab, cut, design, texture, form pieces, and glaze.  We'll make both flat and three dimensional pieces.  Class includes daily practice time during the three week class session.  Once the full class is over, you'll have the skills to work on your own at Wheelhouse using a day pass.


September 7, 14, and 28

Saturdays, 9am – 12pm

For ages 16 and up.  No experience necessary.

$200 plus clay ($21 for 1/2 bag, includes glazes and firing).

To register email:


Pinch Pot Sculpture Skills!

with Meg Dougherty

Learn essential skills for creating pinched sculptural forms.  In this one day workshop, students will learn strategies for each step of designing and building a complex pinched object: drawing and designing, pinching and joining, shaping and finishing.  Students will watch demos, then practice skills with instructor guidance.  Students will leave class with a new set of skills and 5 lbs of sculptural clay.  Some hands on clay experience is helpful, but all skills will be introduced from a beginner's perspective.  



Saturday October 5 (waitlist only)

9 AM-Noon

For ages 16 and up.  Some experience is necessary.

$115 includes clay and use of the studio on the day of workshop until 6pm. 

To register email:

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Tumble and Slip! 
Three Week Intensive

with Shari Zabriskie

This three part workshop will open you up to  exploration!  The first class is all about throwing lots of test pots while searching for new cylinder forms and/or throwing off the hump.  The idea is to workshop tu in preparation for our second class.  During our second session we will get messy with slip decorating leather hard pots.   Slip can be applied in many different ways using different tools and techniques.  Try slip trailing, dry brushing, build up skin like stucco, play with dots, paper blocking,  mocha diffusion and even mono-printing.  Our third session will be a glazing session where you have opportunity to lay on another layer of decoration using under-glazes, stains and dipping glazes.   Class includes lots of consultation on developing your own ideas and daily practice time during the three week session.  There will be deadlines to finalize work for the bisque kiln (in preparation for our glazing session)  and any other pieces made after that firing can be finished in the studio using day passes.



Three Saturdays:

October 19, 26 and November 2

9 AM-Noon

For ages 16 and up with throwing experience.

$235 plus clay (colored slips, underglazes, stains, glazes and firing included).

To register email:

Summer Camp Fun!

Teen Camp 8/12-16, 9am-Noon

Kids' Camp 8/19-8/23, 9am-Noon

$320/week includes all materials and firings

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