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Workshops and Classes

Rise and Shine Wheel Throwing For Beginners +

Beginner+ Wheel Throwing

with Shari Zabriskie

This fun morning class will introduce you to the fundamentals of throwing pots on the wheel.  Over the course of eight weeks, learn and practice the techniques of clay preparation, centering, throwing,  trimming, glazing, and more!   This class is geared towards beginners, those continuing to work on their basic skills and those who are coming back to pottery after many years.  .  Demonstrations, discussions, coaching, and abundant practice time.  Ages 16 and up. 


Upcoming Sessions:

June 8 -July 27, Thursdays 9am-Noon 

June 13-August 1, Tuesdays 9am-Noon

September 7-Octobe 26, Thursdays 9am-Noon

September 26-November 14, Tuesdays 9am-Noon

November 2-Decembe 28, Thursdays 9am-Noon (no class Thanksgiving)

December 5-January 23, Tuesdays 9am-Noon

$315 fee + $42 for each bag of clay used.

Daily practice time included.

email  to register!

with Teta Hilsdon

Over eight weeks, practice the basics of making pots on the wheel: centering, throwing different forms, trimming, glazing, recycling clay and a few decorative techniques. 

For beginners, those continuing work on their basic skills, or those coming back to pottery after many years. 

Demonstrations, discussions, coaching, and abundant practice time.  Ages 16 and up. 


Upcoming Sessions:

April 10 through May 29, Mondays 6–9pm (wait list only)

May 9 through June 27, Tuesdays 6–9pm

June 12 through July 31, Mondays 6–9pm
July 11 through August 29, Tuesdays 6–9pm

$315 fee + $42 for each bag of clay used.

Daily practice time included.

Email  to register!


Weekend Workshop:
Outdoor Barrel Firing!

with Shari Zabriskie

Re-connect with the elemental aspects of pottery in this exciting three part workshop.   Celebrate the clay surface and learn how to make and use the finest of slips: terra sigillata.  Explore the wonders of buffing clay to a glowing sheen, wrapping work in saggars filled with seaweed, copper wire and other potential mark makers.   Experience a pottery firing where the firing is the event!    Potters should plan to come to the first session with pieces made and at the bone dry stage.   .


Saturday June 3: 9am-Noon, Terra Sigillata! 

Saturday June 10:  9am-4pm, Creating Saggars and Firing!

Sunday June 11: 9am-11am,

Out of the Ashes!

Registration Closed


Ages 16 and up.  Participants may bring up to 5 medium sized pieces to fire, many littles...

email inquiries to:


Weekend Workshop:
Create a tiled Serving Tray!

Teta Hilsdon in collaboration with Hatchspace's Gail Fletcher

Learn to make ceramic tiles AND create a beautiful wooden tray!

This collaboration with our wood-working neighbors upstairs will run this July 8, 15, 16 and 22 from 9am-Noon.  Bounce back and forth between Wheelhouse and Hatchspace learning cross disciplinary skills!

For more information and registration:


Weekend Workshop:
The Art of Coils!

with Nina Salvatore

Building with slabs is a fun, fast, and relatively easy way to make plates, trays, vases and platters with beautiful textured patterns.  Learn to roll clay out into a slab, cut, texture, form pieces and glaze.   Class includes daily practice time during the three week class session.  Once the class is over, you'll have the skills to work at Wheelhouse on your own using a day pass.


Saturdays, January 7,21 and 28: 9 AM-Noon

$160 fee + $40 for each bag of clay used.

Ages 16 and up.  No experience necessary.

email: to register!


Weekend Workshop:
Faceting Thrown Forms!

with Natania Hume of Slow Studio

Dividing the exterior surface of a pot into individual planes imposes an architectural structure to it—the faceted surfaces interact with light to create an exciting element of formal drama, simplicity, and elegance. In this workshop Natania will demonstrate how to create a variety of faceted and fluted surfaces. There are many considerations, both technical and aesthetic, when creating faceted and fluted surface on ceramic forms. Planning for facets entails throwing forms slightly more thickly to allow for removing material, and we will discuss considerations like foot design and how to resolve overlapping facets at the narrow top of a vase or bottle. Focusing mostly on bottle and tumbler forms demonstrations will include faceting in the wet, freshly thrown state with several wire-type tools, as well as creating facets in the leather hard state with spokeshave tools.

Natania Hume is a trained studio potter who has been working in clay for more than 20 years. The natural world provides her with endless color, form and texture ideas which informs her work in clay. She believes the design of each piece should reflect the method of making. Her process is pared down to essential elements to convey an integrated unity of process and design. Authentic communication between maker and user is the result of this transparency. When not in her studio she can be found teaching art and ceramics at an independent boarding and day school in the countryside of New England. She produces the Slow Studio line of ceramic tableware at my farmhouse studio in Vermont.


Saturday August 5:

9 AM-Noon


Ages 16 and up.  No experience necessary.

email: to register!


Magical Creatures Clay Camp!

with Nina Nabizadeh

Spend a week at Wheelhouse for our pilot summer camp program for children ages 9-15.  Warm up each day with group activities, clay games, multi-media art exercises and other inspiring fun.   Learn sculpture and hand building techniques while developing magical creatures, their homes and accessories! 

Monday-Friday, August 7-11


Ages 9-15

$310 includes materials and firing.  Pieces will be ready for pick up two weeks after camp ends.

For more information and registration email Nina:

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